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Hey there! If you have any questions in regards to any of my reviews or want to recommend something for me to read next, drop a message in the form below!

For authors requesting a review, make sure to leave in the comment section what type of genre author you are, the title of your book, a Goodreads link of your book (if available) and what you are requesting of me when it comes down to the review. I apologize in advance if I do not respond right away as I have a personal life and tend to get pretty busy with work and well… with other books I may be currently reading. When it comes down to ARC’s, sometimes I may be backed up with too many ARC’s so if I do not reply is because I am not interested or simply I do not have time to read them. You can read about my ARC policy down below

You are also welcome to contact or just simply chat with me through my social media accounts which are listed down below:

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Review Policy

I am not picky when it comes down to certain material in novels. I can read either ebooks or print copies if asked for an honest review. If not interested as mentioned above, I have every rights to refuse your novel. Ask what or where you want me to share it on. I specifically share my material (reviews) on here or my social media platforms such as:

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram (promo picture with a short captioned review), Goodreads, and Amazon (if they decide to cooperate with me and not be a dingus by not accepting my review.)

Genres I Prefer: I am mostly a romance reviewer. There are sometimes that I try to read something new out of my genre reach, but it is very rare. I also read Women’s fiction and New Adult novels.

My rating system varies on a lot of components on the novel. If your copy that you are sending me is an uncorrected proof, please let me know as it does affect my honest opinion on your novel. If it is a finished copy than I will simply enjoy the aspect of your imagination through the page.