About The Blogger

Hello, and Welcome to my review blog! My name is Cristina Pineda and am 18 years old. I’m currently a high school student, living in New York. I have lived in the Big Apple for almost ten years now. I first moved to NY from my home country Honduras, when I was eight, about to turn nine. My passion for books first started when I was introduced to my very first chapter book, translated in Spanish; “The Odyssey.” That was on my seventh birthday, when my grandparents had enough money to buy me the book and give it to me as a birthday present. Throughout the years of moving, adapting to a new life, and most of all learning a new culture and language, I learned the ways of literature and the knowledge of English language. From Shakespeare (really cliche, I know) to Aldous Huxley (Author of Brave New World.) I want to graduate from college with a degree in foreign language and hopefully with a minor in creative writing, so if someday you see a book of mine at your local book store with my name, then that means I have officially died of happiness and proudness of myself. My biggest dream though, in which I hope to accomplish in the near future, is to graduate as a Spanish and Creative Writing Major as stated before. I want to teach students the culture that I grew up with, and the ability of learning a new language through fun ideas and moments.

One major important factor that will always come first besides my reading, is the love of my life… my miniature poodle, Bivi! Every time I’m reading, she has to come on over and snuggle next to me keeping myself and herself warm.

What should you expect from my review blog?
Simple! I will review all the books that I come across and read. They may be old, new, or simply short novellas. My specific genres are in the categories of Romance (Contemporary, Erotic, Young Adult Romance, Dark Romance, and Comedic Romance,) Science Fiction/ Non-fiction, Historical Fiction/ Non-fiction, and also Young Adult Books (Dystopian/ Utopian,  Comedian, or Romance.)

I tend to recieve ARC’s (Advance Readers Copies) from either authors or publishers in exchanges for honest reviews, so when you spot those make sure to leave your feedback on what you think either here on the specific blog post on the comments below, or comment on my Goodreads Page: CristiinaReads, from wherever I post the specific review of said book. I also tend to let my Instagram followers know when a book is really good by posting something here and there on my bookstagram account: CristiinaReads.

I hope that my reviews will encourage you to read the books that I select, if not, don’t be afraid to send me book recommendations, as well as the feedback on my reviews!

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