My Top 10 Favorite Books of 2017 | Mini FIVE STAR Reviews

2017 became the year that I have read the most books in my lifetime. When I first put my Goodreads reading goal, I was going above and beyond from what I had read back in 2016, which was 400 books. Of course, I read more than that and I still don’t know how. This year I decided to go for 500 books. Most of the time I would read two or three books at a time/day, but I also read small novellas that are considered as books on Goodreads. And after going back through my list of my top favorites, I came to a conclusion of my TOP 10 PICKS that have made me sob, tear my hair out, scream to the world, and sometimes laugh with way too much joy!

BOOK #1:


I am really not a big fan of rom-coms, and I find it quiet hard to appeal upon laughter or comedy in a book. However, Helena Hunting seems to take that opinion off the table when it comes down to this book. Yes her novels seem to always have some sort of comedic side to it, but SHAKING UP never disappointed me in making me life, cry, lust over Banecroft (and this motherf***ing cover!) Rated FIVE STARS on Goodreads, it is a MUST if you are looking for a long erotic and comedic love story.

BOOK #2:


WHERE I BELONG was not published in 2017, but I did read it this year… Three times to be exact! That’s how incredibly captivating this novel was to me. I had always been pushed by my friend Ellen from @EllensReads to read this series since I had fallen in love last year when I got the chance to read the books from the DIRTY DEEDS series by J. Daniels as well. This novel is not only emotionally compelling, but it also makes your body crave so much more of Ben and Mia— mostly Ben to be honest 😉 After reading this series, I spread the word to all my friends about it, because it is indeed a series, and also a standalone book if you wish to read it that way, that one really cannot pass over and never re-read again. With a FIVE STAR rate from me on Goodreads, WHERE I BELONG has become one of my ultimate favorites for sure by J. Daniels.

BOOK #3:


Being part of the REAL series by Katy Evans, RACER became such an anticipated read that had myself and my bestie Lacey from @LaceyBookLovers in our seats because of how possessive and such an acquiring image Racer is from his father— in which we meet in REAL and MINE. And let me tell you, I was sweating balls when I read this beauty of a novel. Katy Evans never seems to tone it down in the dirty talker/lust composer department. My anticipation for this novel went out of context because it hit that level of “WOW” for every reason possible. Rating it FIVE STARS on Goodreads, RACER is a 2017 release that will have you drooling for more of Katy’s writing.

BOOK #4:


My cookies-and-creme-hershey-chocolate-lover-twin-friend named Sarah wrote a book this year and the fact that she published it for the world to read and absolutely devoured and enjoy is something that even up to this date, warms my heart for her achievement as an official author to the romance world. This novel had everything that I have learned to love and admire in regards to writing love stories— angst, powerful chemistry, drama, past history that hunts your future, and of course, the ideal method of living life to the fullest that you can. Both characters Emery and Sebastian have such a special place in my heart by being one of my favorite love couples out there. With a FIVE STAR review on Goodreads, BREAK LINE is a sports romance that you do not want to miss out on— especially when book two of the series will be coming soon…

BOOK #5:


Dark romances have always been my favorites ever since I started reading any book by Penelope Douglas. After reading the synopsis of this bad boy, my heart legitimately skipped two beats of excitement! Not a lot of words can be said about this novel because I really do lack on it since every time I think of something to say about it, I feel like it is a spoiler for those who have not read it. Celia Aaron has shown her true erotic side for sure after I read THE BAD GUY, and I am beyond ecstatic that I did— since I read it twice this year. After rating it FIVE STARS on Goodreads, I felt like that was not enough of a rating since Celia Aaron is an over-rated author that should get more attention indeed.

BOOK #6:


An anthology filled with so much romance, swoon worthy scenes, lust-crazed episodes, tear-worthy drama, and laugh out loud comedy, EYE CANDY became one of my favorites this year for sure when reading more from J. Daniels and Helena Hunting. Yes, other authors wrote their parts in this novel, in which I unfortunately did not read since I had not read any of the other novels by the other authors. However, after reading the anthologies by J. Daniels, my love and anticipation for Nolan’s story will forever be there and bursting with so much potential of seeking the same vibes of his father Ben. Helena dropped this beauty before the release of HOOKING UP, which gave us a better insight of what was to come for the future of the characters on that book. And though we also read more of Bancroft (my yummy of a cover baby) and Ruby from SHAKING UP, reading more about them was just the perfect cherry on top of the sundae ice cream. Rating it FIVE STARS on Goodreads, EYE CANDY is my first anthology that I love with a burning passion and should be read ONLY if you have read the books from the ALABAMA SUMMERS series or SHAKING UP and HOOKING UP!

BOOK #7:


The title may seem sort of out of place but holy smokes, this is a novel that has so much of everything that is sexy-hot! The cover’s sexiness is one that yes, you can take an appreciation for, but the story itself makes you want more, and more! Craving this love story is something that I have learned to control and thankfully it is a story written by Lex Martin and Leslie McAdam— two authors who have gained so much respect from me in the writing world. Rating it FIVE STARS on Goodreads, ALL ABOUT THE D is a romance novel that can be considered as rom-com but also be considered as an erotic novel of pure forbidden romance.

BOOK #8:


I have always been a big fan of Christina Lauren, and all their books always have me anticipating the better of them both in their writing. In this new contemporary romance, we indulge in the aspect of immigration and marriage, something that has been in the answer to many people in the US. Hence why I love this story. It’s not only very relatable in a way that many can comprehend, but the sweetness from both main characters always make me swoon over them. With a FIVE STAR rating on Goodreads, ROOMIES is a love story by Christina Lauren that you do not want to pass over, as it is one of their very little standalone novels they have written.

BOOK #9:


Not my favorite by far this year, but it is a story for sure that has gained so much attention for me in regards to the author herself. I had never read J.B. Salsbury before, and after reading the synopsis and having read so many good recommendations of said book, I had to give it a try for sure. My emotions ran everywhere after reading this baby. Damaged male character, damaged female character in a way that is unexpected and unique for the writing world, both needing each other to cure their broken hearts and souls—that’s the kind of book WRECKED is. After rating it FIVE STARS on Goodreads, I can definitely say that I will be re-reading this baby in the future to come!

BOOK #10:


Emotional love stories are hard to catch or read every so often. Mia Sheridan though, she is the queen of bringing the tissues to use to the table. This novel will always have a special place in my heart for sure, due to it’s captivating and mesmerizing flashbacks, emotions running everywhere, and hearts being mended together once again for the purpose of healing one another. Though my favorite book by Mia Sheridan is RAMSAY and I highly recommend reading it as soon as possible, MOST OF ALL YOU is up there for this year’s top picks with a rating of FIVE STARS and wishing it were more for sure.

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Hopefully all of my top picks become recommendations for any of you whom have not read any of these books and are looking for the right romance novels to indulge your reading time. I want to thank the wonderful publishing companies that I got to work on this year to represent their clients such as FOREVER ROMANCE, GALLERY BOOKS, ATRIA BOOKS, and EVER AFTER ROMANCE.

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