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WreckedJ.B. SalsburyRomanceForever romanceJuly 8th, 2017Paperback352 Pages
Wrecked is the new standalone novel of deliciously dark, deeply emotional contemporary romancefrom J.B. Salsbury, the New York Times bestselling author of Split andThe Fighting Series. When you can’t trust yourself, how can you ask anyone else to? It’s been months since Aden Colt left the Army, and still the memories haunt him. When he moved into a boat off the California coast, he thought he’d found the perfect place to escape life. Then Sawyer shows up, and turns his simple life upside down. Beautiful and sophisticated, she seems out of place in this laidback beach town. Something is pushing her to experience everything she can—including Aden. But as much as he wants her, starting a relationship with Sawyer puts them both at risk. For Aden, the past doesn’t stay there; it shows up unexpectedly, uncontrollably, and doesn’t care whose life it wrecks.

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Wrecked by J.B. Salsbury

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

When opposites attract, both in ways that are unexpected, that is when the most passionate chemistry blossoms and this novel demonstrates it in every single way possible…

➳I am not one who admires ex-miliraty or army romance. However, this novel took my breathe away through every single turn of every page. Not only is there an instant attraction between Sawyer and Aden, but they both have that same understanding of people not being able to be inside their heads and comprehend what they go through when others go through their “normal” lives.

➳After breaking up with a boyfriend of six months, Sawyer comes to the final drawn conclusion of her heartbreaking situation regarding her sister. As she tries to comply all the last wishes her sister desires, Sawyer finds herself in a small cottage in a un-known small town near an ocean. Getting her sister’s belongings was the first and for most only thing she should have been doing, but instead, she regarded the presence of a “jerk” that categorized her as a “city-gal.” However, for Aden- the “jerk”- his attraction towards Sawyer aka Celia- as she is pretending to be her sister for the duration of this trip of getting her belongings- is something that he finds strange and but foreignly essential for his fruits to loin inside his dark soul. A man with a past of murder, darkness, sinful thoughts of killing, but also with an idea of creating a future for himself and finding the ideal path towards Celia’s (Sawyer’s) affections- that’s the person that Aden is. Someone that once you begin reading his words, his thoughts, you learn to love and comprehend his reasonings and actions. Their sex appeal, the lust present makes this novel a crave worthy piece of work.

➳After going through many obstacles together, both in the emotional and physical aspect, Celia (Sawyer) and Aden open up to each other in a way that is just admirable and soothing to read. Over coming obstacles for both of them is pure agony, an agony that is confrontational in hard ways to be accepted or understood by others. Hence why Sawyer and Aden belong together. Why even try separating them when even in this fictional world, they separation is one that breaks the heart of the reader. Wanting more of them both. More of their lust, their passion, and knowledge, their curiosity, and also their fears to over come future obstacles.

➳Overall this story took my heart for a true and intentional, loving turn. I cannot believe that I have never read this author before, but I know that from now on I will be looking forward to more novels or short stories written by J.B. Salsbury since my love for her emotional writing has captivated not only my heart, but my mind for more knowledge on the understanding of others with feelings and pasts that are difficult for others to truly comprehend. Once again, my mind has been blown by the world writing of romance and its ideal inheritance to be published…

Paperback copy given in exchange for an honest review…

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About J.B. Salsbury:

When I published my first book I didn’t intend to write more than the one. If I could sell six books to six people I didn’t know I considered myself a success. But that first book sold well over six copies and I knew I couldn’t stop there.

I was bitten by the writing bug and have poured my soul into every novel I’ve penned since. Some of my books have become USA Today Bestsellers, New York Times Bestsellers, and Fighting to Forgive won a RONE Award. I couldn’t be more proud of where my writing has taken me.

I live in Phoenix with my husband and two daughters where I’m lucky to be able to do something I love and still be home to juggle carpool, field trips, and fifth-grade homework.

When I’m not writing, reading, or spending time with my family I can be found on any of the local mountain trails hiking, or at the gym when the desert temps become unbearable. I love being outside, beach vacations, and spending time with friends.

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