Break Line by Sarah E. Green | Book Review


Title: Break Line

Author: Sarah E. Green
Genre: New Adult/Contemporary Romance
Release Date: September 28, 2017


Emery Lawson was on the path to follow her dad’s footsteps. Going pro in surfing had always been the plan. The dream.
Until it wasn’t.
Now, at nineteen, everyone thinks Emery is done surfing and, aside from two of her best friends, no one knows the truth. Emery hasn’t stopped surfing. What was once her dream is now her little secret.
But if she wants to go pro, that secret is going to have to come out.
Twenty-two-year-old Sebastian “Bash” Cleaton has worked hard to get to where he is. For eight years he’s never had a day off, never taken a vacation. He is the best in his sport for a reason. But the passion that once drove him to chase the waves is missing. And Bash—Bash is tired.
When he escapes for a recharge in a small beach town, he never expects to crash into a girl who introduces him to a new life. 
Secrets, hardships, and relationships come out of this debut tale of starting over and never letting go of your dreams.

Break LineBreak Line by Sarah E. Green

My rating: 5 of 5 stars
Two characters; one finding his roots to his past dreams, and the second finding her determination to express her passion and dreams…

➳When trying to rekindle with a past or in this case for Sebastian Cleaton, also known as “Bash,” a passion that became a struggle to understand and also continue to admire, one begins to question the actions that one has taken before. Not only does Sebastian struggle into trying to connect once again with the world of suffering, and mentally questions as to why continue, but he also finds himself admiring another individual who seems to have found a humble peace with her passion. That’s when Emery Lawson comes in, making you flip every single page of this book to find more about this- what seems at first- mysterious girl who seems to find her humble place with the waves. It could be said that Sebastian and Em share lots of things in common, but they cannot be any more different than how Sarah describes them. Yes, they both share the same hobby of surfing and also indulge in other extra curricular activities together **smirk smirk**, but the one thing that brings them both together is the fact that they both have a past that they do not want to share with the world. Once they find each other and cross each other’s path, it’s like a missing piece was finally found and brought together with the help of the waves and the salty sand…

➳Emery is the one who struggles the most when it comes down to the emotional aspects of this story. She not only has problems trying to express her emotions to Bash, but keeping a secret from her parents is what turmoils her into a secluded mental environment;

“Going after what I want won’t happen until my bravery outweighs my fear of disappointment…”

➳As boundaries and walls break down, Bash is able to understand Emery more and more in regards to her past and what has made her commit to her passion of surfing. She is not only a unique character that brings the aspects of never giving up on your dreams, but she also shows the reader that yes, obstacles may come in your way, but that does not mean that they should ever block you or stop you from conquering what you want to strive for. It also isn’t terrible to know that Sebastian is a total hottie in the water… I mean, can we drool anymore with the way Sarah describes this beautiful specimen?

➳With the help of her friends (whom by the way are just all so perfect in every aspect), Emery begins to be part of a life that she has wanted after her incident. With Sebastian by her side, she learns how to share her emotions with someone else who she has learned to care for, and has learned to care for her as well;

“I like how you look at me.”
“How do I look at you?” my vote matches hers, with my stare just as soft.
To me, she’s always been a form of sunshine that has been bottled up, but right now its like storm clouds are blocking the sun’s rays.
“Like i’m not broken…”

➳Overall, this was a love story that did not only captivate my heart, but also my soul because now, knowing that Sarah can write one hell of a love scene (super steamy fyi **wink wink**) I will not hesitate on asking for more and more… and I can totally inference who the next characters will be, ‘cause this is a series filled with so many beautiful aspects in the romance writing world that nobody wants to miss out on. Thank you Sarah for letting me read this baby as an ARC, as I will forever treasure not only your trust but also friendship in the future to come!

ARC kindly provided by author, in exchange for an honest review…

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About the Author:
Sarah E. Green is a born and raised Florida girl who has an unhealthy obsession with the beach, Netflix, and her pit-mix, Echo. She can be found either at her laptop, working on her next novel, or by the water with her latest reads. When she’s not working or reading, she’s with family, friends, or binging Teen Wolf. 
She’s currently finishing up her B.A. in Creative Writing and minor in History from UCF.

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