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The Score by Victoria Denault – Book Review


Title: SCORE

Author: Victoria Denault

Series: San Francisco Thunder, #1

On Sale: May 9, 2017

Publisher: Forever

Trade Paperback: $14.99 USD

eBook: $3.99 USD

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“Denault launches a new series, featuring the bad boys of the San Francisco Thunder, with gusto, passion and heaps of tension and sensual detail.  Several genre-defying complications makes the story feel unexpectedly fresh.  Moreover, the consistent reinforcement of the female characters’ strength and individuality turns this book into something unique, and provides plenty of incentive for fans of sport romances to seek out this new series without delay.” –RT Book Reviews

“Sexy, sassy, and a perfect new adult read for fans who love hockey and romance, not necessarily in that order. An excellent new sports series launch.” –Library Journal

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He’s used to winning, but now he’s playing with his heart.

Jude Braddock. Hockey god. That’s how everyone sees him now. But when they were teenagers, Zoey knew him as the kid who didn’t have enough nerve to make a move on their one and only disastrous date. Seems he doesn’t have that problem anymore, though. According to the rumors, he’s with a different woman every night. After a rough divorce, the last thing Zoey needs is more heartbreak. But Jude’s cocky, playful attitude is mighty hard to resist.

Jude knows he isn’t built for long-term relationships. But he’s getting sick of women pounding on his door in the middle of the night looking for a rematch. When Zoey comes back into his life, it’s like fate has given him a second chance. He’ll do anything to make her happy again. Is this what love looks like? He has no idea. All he knows for sure is that this time, he’s playing for keeps.


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Series Page on Goodreads

Score (San Francisco Thunder #1)Score by Victoria Denault
My rating: 5 of 5 stars
➳Second chances at finding the one and only are beyond rare to find, but Victoria Denault introduces not only the impossible but also the rare opportunity to falling in love with her characters such as Jude and Zoey…

➳Knowing each other from the early years of childhood, Jude and Zoey have once again rekindled in this new epic love story. Not only is the ability of finding love for the second time, and somewhat never loosing it is a message sent by Victoria, but she has also brought her comfort topic of hockey to the mix. Jude is a pro-hockey player that is well known for not only his play time in the ice rink, but also his play time outside of it with the ladies. He is watched from the paparazzi, to the annoying and loving pests of his sisters. It had gotten to a point that he had to use one of his sister’s to prevent from women to come to his house and stalk him down.

➳Zoey, trying to find her path after also trying to finalize her divorce papers, finds herself in a pickle that not only stimulates more the idea of getting divorce more appealing to her, but she also finds that Jude has never forgotten about her. With a second chance at love, she first sees it as a rebound way to move forward with her life. However, Jude has other ideas after finding his rekindle with Zoey. At first, he wants to just explore her body and see how well they connect physically, but he has seemed to find a way to feel her not only physically, but also emotionally. Time in the hockey rink is soon forgotten, as his thoughts only revolve around the hazel haired beauty of Zoey.

➳Obstacles are brought upon them both, making it harder to interact. Somehow though, they find ways to connect and be together. Zoey and Jude bring a whole new meaning to a seance chance love story, and Victoria has brought a new illumination to my eyes towards her writing. I hope that she can step outside her comfort zone of writing something beyond the point of hockey. Overall, I enjoyed this story much more than what I was expecting. I highly recommend this read for any who are looking for a sports romance as this novel, will take you away to a totally different world filled with angst, second chances, but most of all the idea of never forgetting those who have been there for you since the start.

➳Hero rating: 5.0
➳Heroine rating: 5.0
➳Sexual tension rating: 4.5
➳Sex scenes rating: 4.5
➳Sex scenes frequency: 4.5
➳Plot rating: 5.0
➳Dialogue rating: 5.0
➳Storytelling rating: 5.0
➳Story ending rating: 5.0

➳ARC kindly provided by publisher in exchange for an honest review…

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Victoria Denault loves long walks on the beach, cinnamon dolce lattes and writing angst-filled romance. She lives in L.A. but grew up in Montreal, which is why she is fluent in English, French and hockey.

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