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Mr. Popular By Nicole London – Book Review + GIVEAWAY

Rule #1: Do not vote for Mr. Popular.
Rule #2: Do not talk to Mr. Popular.
Rule #3: (Most importantly, and above all) Do not fall for Mr. Popular…
Liam ‘Mr. Popular’ Carter will always be the closest thing to the “walking plague” in my eyes. His cockiness seeps through his every move, and no matter how many state championships he wins with the basketball team, he will forever be a “loss” to me.
Because he’s my older brother’s best friend, I’m forced to tolerate him, and he’s forced to tolerate me. In fact, unless my brother is around, we happily ignore each other every chance we get.
It wasn’t always this way, though…
Several summers ago, we both attended the same summer camp. A place we returned to year after year. We became friends–close friends, but right when I thought he could possibly turn into my everything, he made it clear that what we had was nothing.
Now that’s he’s a senior, and I only have to deal with him for one more year, I’ve vowed to keep repeating the same set of rules to myself. Especially since he seems so hell-bent on wanting to talk to me for some reason, and especially since he seems to be staring at me every time we’re in the same room together…
Rule #4: Always follow rules #1-3…
Rule #5: (OMG what the hell are you doing?) Do not KISS Mr. Popular…

Mr. PopularMr. Popular by Nicole London
My rating: 5 of 5 stars
➳Nicole London has brought a new contemporary romance to the table, bringing back those feelings of having a high school crush with the whole package of emotional attachment with Liam and Mariah…

➳In this second chance love story, Nicole London brings the attention to the reader that even through the toughest of times love is always there through the passion from a special someone, your family, or your friends. Liam and Mariah have known each other for a long time. Being next door neighbors, and Liam being Mariah’s older brother’s best friend has it’s perks and it’s downfalls. For Liam, Mariah is like a little sister that he has never had… at first, that is. With a two year difference, Liam being a senior and Mariah being a sophomore their relationship blossoms from the very bottoms of any equation. To Mariah, Liam is just another egotistical, high school jock who broke her heart once during their summer camp relationship. Ever since then, Mariah has not considered him his friend and he detests him. Liam on the other hand, even though he is known as the most popular guy in school, being every girl’s wet dream, he does not have that something that fulfills his heart. He had it, but she got away during summer at a summer camp. As well, he has caught himself in a situation that brings the aspect of family dilemmas to the story. He is being forced by his father to keep playing basketball so he has a great future when it comes down to picking a college. Although he does not have a passion for playing basketball or going pro, his mind is set on going to medical school. No one seems to understand his emotional and mental problems when deciding what to do. However, Mariah somehow let’s herself in and he welcomes her. Accepting her friendship is something that he has missed for a long time, and he does not want to jeopardize it.

➳After a failed date with a junior guy who tried to more than grope her, Mariah realizes that she just cannot let anyone in after being heart broken. After a “mistake” of a kiss, Liam and Mariah learn that they need each other as friends to achieve happiness. Even though they start off as friends, Liam, being the cocky, hot son of a gun he is, moves faster and attempts to be more than just friends with Mariah. At first she is reluctant to let him in again, after what he did to her that summer, but he slowly shatters her walls and let’s him in, marking her heart once again with his. Knowing how protective Zach, Mariah’s older brother, is he does everything he can, with the help of Liam, to back off any guy who could hurt her. But what Zach does not know is that Liam is protecting her and keeping an eye on her for his own sakes. When their love for each other begins to blossom, they have to reluctantly have to keep it a secret from Zach, fully knowing what he is capable of doing.

➳Their rocky road is one that those who have been in a forbidden relationship can understand. Past memories, people that are history, and moments that take up your emotional rocket launcher come present and that is something that both Liam and Mariah have to conquer to move on and keep their relationship stable. For a second chance at love kind of story, Nicole London has brought something that I did not expect. I am not going to lie, I was expecting more explicit intimate scenes, but she kept it nice and contempt which I really enjoyed as well. I can officially say that this is one of my favorite contemporary love stories, and I cannot wait to read more of Nicole’s work. In the back of my mind while reading this story, I was imagining who would conquer Zach’s heart and finally stop his bachelor, bad boy ways. Maybe is Kelsey? Hmmm, that would be a great spin off, or a great book! wink wink

➳Hero rating: 5.0
➳Heroine rating: 5.0
➳Sexual tension rating: 5.0
➳Sex scenes rating: 5.0
➳Sex scenes frequency: 5.0
➳Plot rating: 5.0
➳Dialogue rating: 5.0
➳Storytelling rating: 5.0
➳Story ending rating: 4.5

➳ARC kindly provided by publisher in exchange for an honest review…

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Nicole London is a hopeless dreamer, author of Resentment and the co-founder of The Indie Tea, an inspirational blog for indie romance authors. When she’s not at Starbucks chatting books with her best friend, she can be found plotting her next travel adventure with her husband.

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