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Body of the Crime By R. Scarlett – Book Review



Never trust a demon.
Never trust your heart.
And never trust the woman who holds it.
In Body of the Crime, a beast craved a beauty and oh, how she ravaged him.

Body of The Crime (Blackest Gold, #2)Body of The Crime by R. Scarlett
My rating: 5 of 5 stars
➳R. Scarlett has done it again in this new sequel to Vein Of Love

➳The darkness and the mystery behind this thrilling sequel is always and has always been present when it comes down to this love story. Yes, it not only is a thrilling and mysterious love story, but it also has a the aspects of fantasy and a thrill taking experience when it comes down to the plot and climax points throughout the story. At first I was confused as to how Mrs. Scarlett moved from the ending of the first one and having its cliffhanger KILL ME… But as you keep reading, you come to an understanding how the relationship between Tensley and Molly come to be, and when they do… OH LORDY!

IT. IS. H O T !

➳The possessive side of Tensley is just way the right amount of dosage that needs to be present when accepting a legitimately alpha male, because Tensley is a pure alpha that craves for Molly and everything she is. He has a determined mind set to never let her go, and most importantly, not let anyone on her near sight be part of witnessing the beauty she exudes to the world. The way he treats her, makes her come alive, and also ignites the fire in her that not everyone is capable of doing, is thrilling and absolutely exchanging to read;

“You want the beast?” he whispered into her ear.
“Good. Because he needs you.”

➳The characters definitely learn the evolvement of all their relationships in this incredibly written story. There is a magnificent way in which Scarlett compels her audience and attracts you to keep going with this story. There just isn’t a thrilling relationship taking place, but the drama and the action behind everything i put into place that has a delicate aspect to it, as if every single word she wrote is meant for something, and has a meaning to something more than just a story. The beauty behind every word in this story is just the thrilling feeling that I, as a reader was able to obtain. I have not felt a feeling of excitement over a book in this genre, for a long time. R. Scarlett is starting her role as an author in an excellent way, and I cannot wait to read more of her books in the future, as should everyone else who enjoys this incredibly compelling story. Oh and I definitely need to know what happens next in this compelling story… GIVE ME, GIVE ME, GIVE ME!

The Blackest Gold Series:
Vein of Love (Blackest Gold #1)
Body of the Crime (Blackest Gold #2)
Untitled (Blackest Gold #3)

➳Hero rating: 5.0
➳Heroine rating: 5.0
➳Sexual tension rating: 4.5
➳Sex scenes rating: 5.0
➳Sex scenes frequency: 4.5
➳Plot rating: 5.0
➳Dialogue rating: 5.0
➳Storytelling rating: 5.0
➳Story ending rating: 5.0


ARC kindly provided by author in exchange for an honest review…

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Tensley’s dark eyes turned to her. Eyes a dark, vivid night and he marched towards her, grasping her face into his large, powerful hands.

“Are you hurt?” Tensley asked when they were by themselves, his thumb skimming along her jaw down to her neckline.

“I’m fine, Tensley,” she whispered, squinting in the muted light. She caught his wrist and stroked it while he held her face still. She watched his vivid eyes, terrified, but fascinated by their darkness. “Are you okay? Your eyes are pitch-black. What’s wrong?” she asked, anxious.

He caught her eyes, that lethal stare making her stomach flip. “When we feel threatened, angry or…aroused…our eyes tend to turn black.

Her cheeks grew hot and she knew he could feel the warmth on his palms. Those dark, vivid eyes continued to watch her closely.

“All I can smell is my scent on you, and seeing how he just had his hands on you, how you weren’t protected—” Tensley hissed, a snarl escaping him. “I want you so bad I can’t think straight. I want to bite your ivory neck—deep, deep enough to mark. Deep enough to protect you and make you unconditionally mine. Do you want me to do that, Molly?” he asked, his voice breathless with need. His eyes turned feral, he was a predator. A beast. And he could no longer resist his prey. “Would you bare my mark, Molly? Are you ready to be mine?” he finished, his voice low and raw.

“Yes,” she answered, her breathing uneven. She was ready for the beast. She was ready for it all.

His mouth found hers and it was vicious, impatient. Molly dug her fingers into his shoulder blades, before sliding them up to tug on his thick mane of hair. That only stirred the beast within him, and he grasped her hips, pulling her flush against his muscular, powerful frame.

His hands palmed her rear and with a sudden growl, he lifted her up. She gasped, breathless in his strong hold, but he caught her mouth again and swallowed her breaths, leading them to a desk.

He paused, his chest warring against hers and she stared down at him, stroking his heated cheeks, those demon eyes penetrating hers.

“Not here, not like this,” he breathed out. “We’re leaving.” He placed her down, her legs heavy and weak, and he grasped her hand, taking them out of the room.

Molly stayed close, feeling the heat roll off Tensley’s skin from the beast inside him. When she kissed his forearm before they left the empty hallway, he threw her a lethal, dangerous look, one that warmed her belly with desire and the knowledge of what was about to happen.

He’s going to mark me.

Tensley weaved through the crowd, shouldering some to make sure Molly moved through untouched. One man looked at her and Tensley snarled at him; his beast had taken over, the demon side controlling him to defend her, to warn others off.

As they approached the front doors, Molly’s heart raced. So close to freedom, to being outside of his culture and being ininto his arms.

“Tensley,” a voice called when they were nearly out.

Tensley stalled, and Molly followed his gaze to see his father approaching. Mr. Knight turned his focus on Molly and raised his chin, sniffing once.

He followed that with a curt nod of approval, and Tensley kept his route out of the party, rushing them down the front steps.

His arm snaked around Molly’s waist as he waved down a car.

“You want the beast?” he whispered into her ear.


“Good. Because he needs you.”

About The Author

R. Scarlett

R. Scarlett lives in a small quaint town in Southern Ontario, Canada and has an unhealthy obsession with mythology and romance.

From studying English literature and minoring in History, she loves losing herself in a good book and snuggling up to her Brittany Spaniel. When she’s not writing or plotting a delicious novel, she can be found hanging out with friends and family, going on long car rides, exploring small towns, or watching reruns of Sex and the City.

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