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EgoManiac By Vi Keeland – Book Review

EgomaniacEgomaniac by Vi Keeland
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
➳Vi Keeland makes a comeback with a BA-BAYAM with this new exotic novel…


➳You may think that the synopsis says it all when it comes down to the story of Drew M. Jagger, a divorce attorney and Emerie Rose, a psychologist specialized in the field of couples in need of help with their relationships- counseling them on how to fix their relationships. Finding themselves in a situation that is completely awkward, screams destiny putting them together, Drew and Emerie have a spark going on from the very beginning of their existence together. Even though their jobs put them in a situation that is rather ironic to be seen together, Vi Keeland makes the exception with these two by providing a powerful love story.

➳It starts off by providing a small background story of why Drew and Emerie are the people they are. Drew having a history with his former wife and the fact that he is a single father, and Emerie trying to defy the feelings she said she had over her college friend. Their friendship begins to evolve when Emerie is in trouble and Drew, the sweetheart he is, helps her out and gets out of trouble. Being conned and forcing a saddening expression of Emerie, Drew has an urge to help and protect her while he can. At first, it was just to watch the beautiful woman walk around his office in Park Avenue. However, it slowly began to change when their pasts, emotions, and physical attractions began to take a turn of events. Bringing their physical desires and physical attractions to life, Vi provides a better and more sculpted understanding on how her writing is exquisite;

”Never in my life had I felt so much desire. It was so powerful, I wanted to cause him pain. Which was completely out of character for me, I liked sex sweet and loving. This was pure, unadulterated, carnal need…”

➳While Vi makes it clear to the reader that this story is the definition of destiny finding a path for those who are not looking, and the act of second chances for someone, there is also the lack of a story plot-climax. Something was definitely missing in this story, which is odd for me to admit because I adore Vi Keeland. However, this story has to be the only and my least favorite of all her works. Yes, the fact that Drew has a son and the mystery of who the real father is the action/drama behind the relationship between himself and Emerie, there was something exciting, or more for better words, thrilling, about it. It’s the same cliche act of coordination I found similar from Stuck-Up-Suit by Penelope Ward, which says something coming from the fact that both authors constantly work together in other famous and incredibly writing books/stories.

➳Overall, I really enjoyed this story. I was surely expecting more but I was satisfied after the beautiful happy ending. An ending that found a special place in my heart because of the heart-warming butterflies being caused in me.

➳Hero rating: 4.0
➳Heroine rating: 4.0
➳Sexual tension rating: 4.5
➳Sex scenes rating: 4.0
➳Sex scenes frequency: 4.0
➳Plot rating: 3.5
➳Dialogue rating: 4.0
➳Storytelling rating: 4.0
➳Story ending rating: 4.0

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