Hit The Spot (Dirty Deeds #2) by J. Daniels | Book Review

Hit the Spot (Dirty Deeds, #2)Hit the Spot by J. Daniels
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
A jerk, with a dirty mouth, a romantic side, with also a possessive alpha male attitude that swoons me and will most likely swoon…


➳J. Daniels brings back the story of Tori that we did not know from her perspective from Four Letter Word in which she provides an insight to Tori’s background with Wes, the cheating ex-boyfriend. If you have not read Four Letter Word then you MUST read it… I mean, it’s not necessary to read it before this story but it gives you an insight to the story of Tori and Jamie.

➳Jamie, the arrogant guy who cannot take no for an answer. He keeps trying to get Tori aka “Legs” in his arms, but mostly his bed. Tori on the other hand is a “no-no” but her body is a “yes-please!” But Jamie never gets turned down, and he will not get turned down from a girl that he has been chasing for over six months- even when Tori was dating Wes her ex-cheating-boyfriend;

“I want something? I get it, and I don’t fucking lose. Ever. No shit.”

➳Jamie’s background of being a complete player is not something that appeals to Tori’s interest, especially when they start to get open with each other about personal information. At first, it’s all about the sex and how amazing it is for each other, and the fact that Tori wants to forget Wes and the way he made her feel. Jamie is there to help her forget all about him and the things he did to her body, but he is also there to prove to Tori that Jamie can be the person and the lover she wants him to be.

➳To my appealing tastes, I do not have an issue with dirty talkers. But I feel like there needs ro be a certain level in which dirty talking is accepted. Don’t get me wrong, a little saucy talk during the shack-hitting isn’t a bad combination to melt some panties 😉 but in Jamie’s case, sometimes I would consider him being crude to Tori. In Tori’s perspective she did mention that once, but to her extent that’s what makes Jamie appealing to her. Not only that but the way he changes for the better good of their relationship.

➳Overall, J. Daniels did an incredible job with this story! It definitely showed the expectations that I was hoping to get and hopefully it will to all her future readers, because her writing is one of a kind and absolutely incredible!


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