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The Fix Up by Kendall Ryan – Book Review

The Fix UpThe Fix Up by Kendall Ryan

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

➳Kendall Ryan never sees to amaze her readers with writing. You honestly can never know what to expect, but you sure as hell should know to expect something hot and steamy that will make your panties melt, especially with this new British standalone hottie!


➳Sterlin Quinn is the ultimate bachelor who treats women with respect, and acknowledges the fact they can drop to their knees in an instant just to please him. Yup! He is that type of persona. One that I freaking ADORE! As a divorce attorney, his opinion about a happily-ever-after and “love” is outspoken a lot in this story because he does not believe in those feelings. However, those opinions change the second his uncle tells him about the inheritance Sterlin’s grandfather left him before he past away, and the rules regulated that need to be followed to obtain that inheritance- get hitched (does that sound familiar? Yes! That’s because this is sort of a sequel to the Hitched Volume Series by Kendall as well.)

➳That’s when Camryn pops in the picture. She is a stunning businesswoman who works for the personal communications department in Olivia and Noah’s company. They have both asked Camryn to assist Sterlin in finding the ideal woman for him to call his “wife.” What they did not realize is that they would soon fall for each other… Camryn tries not to break the walls of keeping things professional, but with Sterlin’s charms and trying to woo her she seems to fail at keeping a distance. Their “friendship” evolved at a quick pace that I would have found rather disturbing to read, but instead I ended up finding it quite well written.

➳When they both finally open up for each other, their chemistry is off the charts! Sterlin can never seem to keep his hands off of Camryn and she never minds it. Except that in the back of her mind she is always thinking about finding him the ideal “wife”. Sterlin on the other hand, tries to convince her that he is the ideal man for her.

➳This was a beautiful love story that I enjoyed so much! With a cliché but at the same time refreshing ending/epilogue, Kendall Ryan has achieved yet again to woo her readers in this new NA Romance. Now, after reading the small excerpt she wrote at the finale of this book about The Room Mate (coming next year) I cannot wait to get my hands on that one!
➳Hero rating: 4.5
➳Heroine rating: 4.5
➳Sexual tension rating: 5.0
➳Sex scenes rating: 5.0
➳Sex scenes frequency: 5.0
➳Plot rating: 4.0
➳Dialogue rating: .45
➳Storytelling rating: 4.5
➳Story ending rating: 4.5

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