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Covet (Splendor #1) by Janet Nissenson – Book Review

I was not expecting this sort of love and honor towards this book after reading the synopsis, but once again Janet Nissenson has convinced me otherwise and has made me author this story, this series even more than what I would usually have adoration towards a book!

Synopsis: The long-awaited prequel to a love story for the ages.

She was the only woman he wanted…but the only one he couldn’t have

Ian Gregson had been born into wealth and power – one of the privileged heirs of the top luxury hotel chain in the world. To the outside world, he was seemingly the man who had everything – money, prestige, good looks, charisma – a man who could have any woman he desired. But the only woman he’d ever truly coveted was forbidden to him for far too many reasons to count – her youth, her employment within his company, and especially her commitment to another man.

Tessa Lockwood’s young life has been one of deprivation, misfortune, and heartbreaking loss. Working for the Gregson Hotel Group offers up a glimpse into a world she had never before imagined – one of affluence, sophistication, and splendor. And meeting the suave, elegant Ian Gregson for the very first time awakens feelings in her that she struggles to repress, never imagining that a man like him could find a nobody like her attractive.

Ian and Tessa fight their feelings for the other, knowing that a relationship between them can never exist. But when matters of the heart are involved, things are never quite that simple. How long will both of them be able to hold on before betraying their forbidden attraction to each other? Or will they be destined to remain forever apart?

What a book full of restrictions, forbidden desires, and most of all, broken emotions that should be expressed to those who deserve happiness. Ian and Tessa have to be the first couple that I have read in a while, whom have witnessed every bad luck the world have given them of not letting them be together. Forbidden love, forbidden emotions are the main themes in this loveable story. Though obstacles are occurring throughout Ian’s and Tessa’s journey, their final (first book) destination is one that keeps you anticipating the best for both of them.

This story represents the ideal concept of having love at first sights, and also no matter the age, when love is present one can’t judge others. Yes, the age gap is something that was at the top of my head and questioning my like of the book, but that slowly faded away when it becomes obvious to the reader that there is a true chemistry and spark between the two protagonists. The knowledge that money is something that is rather conflicting in Tessa’s life, she manages to persuade Ian’s ever loving attention towards her, and even though internally Ian wants to flourish Tessa with every passion he can commit to and give her everything she would ever need and want, his internal debates to take her as his is what keeps the reader wanting more of his possessive and pure alpha male side.

Overall, Covet was an enjoyable read and right after I finish this review, I’m starting Crave by Janet Nessinson… (Just a tiny spoiler that regards the ending of Covet 😉 )


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