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The Best Part of Me by Jamie Hollins – ARC Book Review

In the new adult, romance novel The Best Part of Me by Jamie Hollins, Ewan and Quinn take your breath away with the sweetness and darkness that they hold in their love story. Welcoming Jamie Hollins, a new author to the romance world, is a great pleasure of mine since she has truly outdone it in this book. You can read The Best Part of Me on September 20th, this upcoming fall!

BLURB: He’s content to stay in the shadows… Ewan McKenna’s days and nights are filled with drink orders, beer kegs, and noisy bar customers. Now that he’s put his tumultuous past behind him, he’s more than happy to live a solitary existence running his family’s pub. After years of walking the line between good and bad, Ewan now needs control and order to rest peacefully at night. What he doesn’t need is the fiery, intriguing woman who’s found her way into his thoughts and his bed. She’s ready to step back into the light. Spending the summer getting her hands dirty in her aunt’s garden in a tiny town outside Boston is exactly what Quinn Adler needs. She’s ready to shake off the grief of losing the people who meant the most to her and to start feeling again. What she doesn’t expect is to find a man who sets all her senses on fire. When the pieces seem to be nearly in place for a bright future, everything falls apart. Will Quinn’s love be bright enough to cut through the darkness of Ewan’s past?

A dark intense beginning, giving me goosebumps from the dark alley scene, is a great way to start a dark novel inquiring the reader as to what the story will lead you to, and wanting to know what happened in the past? That’s what Jamie Hollins does in the first chapter of The Best Part of Me. The past history of Ewan and his dark, mysterious story destined him to stumble- and I mean it, they actually do stumble- upon Quinn, the beautiful lady who somehow found her way into the dark alley, walking by herself. Their first interaction is rather… Unique…

Quinn is a woman who talks the talk, and definitely walks the walk! She is a self-dependent woman who doesn’t feel the need for a man in her life, which is something that knocks her out of the park when the presence of Ewan appears in her life. Ewan McKenna is also stubborn, mysterious, and a self-served jerk when he doesn’t wake up on the right side of bed. Living in a small town of New England, it is very well-known to him who Quinn is, but what he doesn’t know and wants to know is why she is there. He makes assumptions about her perfect attitude, her perfect world, and her perfect preferences, when in reality he doesn’t know that Quinn, just like him is suffering mentally over a situation that occurred in her past.

Everyone has skeletons, and those have to come out of the closet some time…

Up close, he wasn’t so scary. He might act like he couldn’t care less, but his eyes told a different story. There was an intesity in them that should have scared her, but instead she found herself falling into them. Literally.

This is a story that pairs two broken people, and with the help from each other they learn how to heal themselves. A story where Ewan wants to only protect what his heart so unwillingly wants to protect, but his mind so coldly wants to say to stay away. It was a wonderful, dramatic in the best ways kind of read. Ewan’s and Quinn’s story has a few clichés here and there, but they are clichés that you don’t mind because you honestly want to know more about their story… Together. Their intimate scenes are beyond H-O-T! Seriously, I have never been so gratified over a furious scene where both protagonists are beyond furious about certain situations. Ewan and Quinn changed that for sure. They cannot get their hands off of each other and his possessiveness is a turn on for sure! 

Goodreads rating: FOUR STARS!

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