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Fearless In Love {The Maverick Billionaires #3} by Bella Andre & Jennifer Skully – Book Review

MY HEART! MY HEART, MY HEART, MY HEART! Bella Andre and Jennifer Skully have broken my heart with this sweet and elegant love story. Fearless In Love, the third installment to The Maverick Billionaires series released on June, but I just recently had the chance to read it and catch up with other books I have been keeping behind, and woah! What a way to catch up, because this book is absolutely perfection!

BLURB: After growing up dirt poor in a seedy Chicago neighborhood, Matt Tremont seemingly has it all now—brains, brawn, and billions. And most importantly, Noah, his five-year-old son, the one good outcome of a disastrous relationship that destroyed his last ounce of trust. The only thing he’s lacking is the perfect nanny for his son. And Ariana Jones is absolute perfection. Utterly enchanting. Completely fascinating. And totally off-limits. Like a match made in heaven, this is Ari’s dream job. Swallowed up in the foster care system after losing her brother and mother, Ari has always dreamed of family. She showers five-year-old Noah with all the love she’s kept bottled up inside. Love she could also offer to her gorgeous billionaire boss—if only he weren’t the very last man she could ever hope to have. But when sizzling sparks of attraction turn into a forbidden, sinfully hot night of pleasure, will Ari’s love be enough to make Matt forget the past and love fearlessly?

I read the previous books from this series; Breathless In Love and Reckless In Love, both written by Bella Andre and Jennifer Skully, and my adoration for this series so far is up high, at the tipy-top of the highest skyscraper in Manhattan (Yeah sorry, New Yorker here…)

And then when I read the summary for the next book in the series, I flipped because of two major reasons; 1) this story is about a nanny and the rich billionaire needing her, in more ways than others and 2) Bella and Jennifer are back together! Seriously, I adore nanny stories! My top favorite right now is Beneath Him by Komal Kant, and gosh, that book made me tear up! Anyways… BELLA AND JENNIFER YESS YOU BOTH HAVE DONE IT AGAIN CAUSE THIS BOOK… UGHHH SO GOOOOODDDD!!!! I never got around to start this book, even though it released in June, because of other personal issues and I had it listed on my “to-read” list on Goodreads and forgot about it… But here it is now! WHOOP!

So the beginning starts off in Ariana’s perspective and she is off the charts drooling over Matt, the single father of a five-year-old boy named Noah. All she wants is to devour Matt, which is excellently described by Ari’s flowing imagination. Something so beautiful about this story, is how vibrant and absolutely adoring Ariana is. She sure indeed wants to share all the love and happiness she has had locked inside for so long, and wants to share it with Noah. It is clearly obvious when she describes the way she sees Noah and his noisiness, which is something rare to find in a person (in general;) someone who just radiates sunshine and absolute giddiness. Ariana holds those features. In this case, it’s ironic to find those features coming from her background of foster care. Irony does not cover it all, but it specifies it to a category that explains it in a whole.

Matt on the other hand, is a pure women’s dream. A bookworm (nerd), business man, with a loving child, and a not so scary attitude but vibrant smile that melts your panties for sure. But to conger up the story, his mental decisions about Ari are back and forth going on about him or his son. “She will be good for us… No, for my son…” Mentally confusing himself and his feelings, not only sexually but also emotionally deep. This has to be the first book that I have read in a long time, that I don’t mind the age difference between Matt and Ariana. Their chemistry is purely innocent and absolutely strong. Though they both come from the same backgrounds of the poor hierarchy, making their common lives part of an indifference towards their attitudes. Matt is a held back person, someone who doesn’t open up so willingly, while Ariana is the opposite. She acknowledges that even though life took a rather depressing turn towards her, she does not let that bring her down, instead it helps her and motivates her to bring her attitude to a vibrant one. Their love scenes… Dear God! Their love scenes contradict what the definition of making love actually is, because what they do, the way Bella and Jennifer describe their love scenes, they are just purely magical and absolutely, soulful heartbreaking. I have never cried over an intimacy scene before, but with these two my tears could not stop falling out of my eyes!

At the end of the day, I can guarantee you that Fearless In Love has taken a spot next to my favorites, right next to Beneath Him by Komal Kant!

Goodreads rating: FIVE Bookworm and Noah “I love you’s” STARS

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