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Winning It All (Hometown Players #4) by Victoria Denault – Book Rewiew {ARC}

The new installment to the Hometown Players Series, Winning It All by Victoria Denault is making its way to the stand of romance this fall, on September 6th. 

BLURB: All’s fair in love and hockey. . . As his team’s enforcer on the ice, Sebastian Deveau is America’s favorite fighting Frenchman. But he’s just as likely to get into trouble off the ice–especially when it comes to women. Shayne Beckford is so over hockey. It ruined her parents’ marriage. It spoiled her brother’s dreams. And let’s not even talk about her college boyfriend . . . So when Sebastian Deveau walks into her brother’s gym, she has no idea who he is. All she knows is that he’s one gorgeous man with the sexiest accent she’s ever heard. And since she never has to see him again, she lets him give her the best orgasm of her life right on top of the gym’s dryer. But Sebastian isn’t going to let this one-night stand get away so easily. He fights for what he wants, even if it takes fighting a little dirty . . .

Not going to lie here and say the obvious… But I didn’t read the first three books in this series, but the author somehow asked for an honest review… Oh well! Hahahaha! This definitely states, that this book can be read as a standalone and not as a whole series.

In general, this book is like the same cliché, hockey player, millionaire type of story. The twist to this is that the hockey player, Sebastian has an instant attraction and chemistry connection with Shayne, a.k.a Shay- the female protagonist. They hook up a couple of times, and in her mind she only thinks that he is a one-night-stand. This book changes the definition of a one-night-stand, because they have multiple of those. Her little theory of not having a hockey player as a boyfriend, slowly begins to deteriorate and she opens her heart to him.

Overall, this is a well written story, with minor grammatic errors which I suggest is something the author goes over again.

Goodreads Rating: 3.5 hockey puck and yoga instructors STARS

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