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Nailed By Opal Carew- Book Review for ARC {NetGallery}

What a turn of events this book had me witness… Words actually cannot describe the feeling of awareness I am currently at and how shocked I am over this really good book by Opal Carew! 

BLUR: He’s about to take control of her body…and her dream. When River set up a fundraiser to kick-start her nail polish business, she never expected someone to pay five thousand dollars just to have dinner with her. But when she meets her mysterious benefactor, he turns out to be billionaire Kane Winters—the one man from her past who she never wanted to see again. Kane is determined to right the wrong that happened to River in college—because of him. She’s been an obsession he can’t escape…and Kane wants River more than he’s ever wanted anything. So he offers her a deal she can’t refuse: marry him and her business will be success. But River’s knight in shining armor isn’t looking for a platonic business deal. He wants their marriage to be real…in every way.

Opal Carew has done it again, by creating a story that will shock you all!

From the summary, we are well aware that River has her own nail polish business, which is a really good start to the book because you don’t usually read about the protagonist in such a status.

The first interaction of River and Kane is somewhat intense. Kane’s plan to talk to River without her knowledge knowing that it’s him went on a different turn I was not expecting. Kane has a determined mind to have River not only in his bed, but also for her to take a part of his future. Which is a really sweet but somewhat disappointing that the reader is aware of his feelings for her so early in the story. It makes sense because those feelings began evolving in college, which is what is stated. But for me, it seems rather early to be expressing himself to the reader.

Kane’s wealth is not specifically stated in the beginning of the story, but it is shown that he is a wealthy person because of the scene of their first interaction;

The restaurant had provided Kane with a small buzzer that he’d put in his pocket. It allowed him to signal the staff with a push of a button when they were ready for the next course.

Like… Woah! I have never heard of such a thing before. But maybe that’s because I’m not a rich bachelor…

The sweet moments come and go, when he does and remembers things she likes back from college. The addition of the flashback, remembering on what caused them to separate is really great! Their attraction for each other is just so strong, and beyond level of sweetness. More like smoking HOT!

River’s background from her parents is really strong, and beyond emotional. The fact that Kane does not pity her, but shows compassion to her is really a good advocate to the story. When you begin to find out the reason why they separated and why River hates Kane’s balls, you seriously should just instantly hate Kane as well… Cause GOD! I would cut his balls if he did such a thing to me!

But that never stops Kane- in the present day- to confront River about it and get her to take a part of his life. And then the big climax reveal comes like a big crash of symbols hitting you right in front of your face! LIKE WOAHHHH! I was NOT expecting that climax and the proposition of Kane’s to come out of the blue, because it sure did! Something that also has taken me by surprise, is how demanding she is when they are intimate. And it takes me by surprise because one) she is a shy person and two) I actually like her demanding tone towards him. It’s an odd combination because he himself is a demanding person, but not verbally like she is, he is more physically demanding and shows it physically, while she expresses it verbally.

Another character that makes an appearance in this story is Will, Kane’s best friend from college and now his business partner; the one and only who helped Kane build his empire next to his shoulder. Will is a strange character, not gonna lie, due to the “history” he had with Kane… Their situation makes me uncomfortable and also brings a sense of uncomfortable pity towards River when you find out the situation in hand. It sure is something that shocked me completely when I read it… I was legitimately shell-shocked for a full minute and just staring at the page…

That change of scenery and the change of tone that Will is described in after River finds out about the situation Will and Kane had, changes everything… It changes the way I see Will and River being friends, and it also changes the way I see River and Kane as being lovers. The attraction and chemistry is still there for sure, but the idea and knowledge of what Will has done has not left their environment. The turn of events is one that I would not chose because I’m not into that sort of lifestyle, but it would have been rather appropriate if Opal would have suggested this sort of scenery in the summary of the story.

In general, the story was well written and well described. My emotions are sort of mixed, and beyond confused in a certain level, but I enjoyed the reading for sure.

Goodreads rating: THREE STARS

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