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Out of Bounds by R. S. Grey Book Review- The Summer Games Series

R. S. Grey has once again not disappointed her crowd with her new addition to The Summer Games series. With her new installment, Out of Bounds, she refreshes the memories of her audience about the logistics of unforbidden love, with a kick of taking part of the environment from the Olympics. Pretty descent timing of dropping this sequel to the series since the actual Olympics in Rio will begin this upcoming Friday, August fifth!

Now starting off, this book in general was a great read. Full honesty… I felt like it took a while for that PLOT TWIST or that CLIMAX to appear in the story. But, it sure is a great plot twist. One that was intense for sure. The anticipation of both characters,  Erik and Brie was steamy in some segments throughout the story. I do give Mrs. Grey a great deal of congratulated red velvet cake (wink wink red velvet– insider joke for those who read the book already) for taking a different course of action in the sex scenes. I wouldn’t go all out to categorize those scenes as erotic scenes, but more as a romantic scenario, even though Erik and Brie always seemed to get turned on by just simply fighting, which I’m not gonna judge, it did turn me on too… 😉

To talk about the literacy of the book and its story… I would give it a thumbs up. Great grammar was used and that’s an excellent aspect of it because the better the grammar the better the level of knowledge there is for the reader. You may ask, what knowledge can you even get from a romance book in the first place with grammar? Oh trust me reader, there is definitely an ideal aspect when it comes down to vocabulary.

Fanmade recreation of Brie and Erik

In regards to the life of the individual’s characters, I would say that Erik’s story is far more interesting than Brie’s. While his past is definitely something that has kept his tone stable, it made him open up to Brie and vise versa with her story about her mom and their economic issues. My personal opinion, I was hoping for something less cliché than having a poor girl gain her way to the top with the help of the Olympics. It’s been read, it’s been seen, and it’s simply just not new.


The ending was very sweet, with the whole looking up to Brie from the little girl and her dreams of being in the Olympics as well and following the same life that Brie went through with her mother. Emotional indeed…

Fanmade recreation of Brie and Erik

But, I wanted to read more of what happened to Brie and Erik. I know, I know…

“But Cristina, that would sound way too cliché!”

Well, suck it up people! I wanted to know whether they end up staying together, marriage, kids… etc.


Overall the story was good, but I wouldn’t highly recommend it to people. If it comes across my path, then yes maybe I would, but it wouldn’t be the first book I would pick to show someone. As I have already given it on Goodreads, a rating of four stars remains!

3 thoughts on “Out of Bounds by R. S. Grey Book Review- The Summer Games Series”

  1. Rachel Grey is such a great author!!! I have read all her books and i fall in love with them whenever I read them, I cant wait to read this one now!

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