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“Lucas” Cover Release by Jay McLean- A Preston Brothers Novella

Jay McLean has just dropped the news of her new cover image for her upcoming start-up series, A Preston Brothers Novella. The first book is called “Lucas” with an interesting summary to the book! Thank you to Jay Mclean for dropping the cover release on Facebook today:

Blur: We spent three hours on the phone that night—longer than I’ve ever spent on the phone with any other girl, but not as long as I’ll spend with Laney in the future. I fell asleep with the phone to my ear—her light, quiet breaths lulling me to slumber, letting me know she’d done the same. 

And so without meaning to, without wanting to, I started to fall in like with a girl who would later become my best friend. 

My confidant…

My courage…

…A girl who would later crush my heart and destroy me.❞

Unfortunately no release date has been mentioned JUST YET, but I will keep you track of it when it comes out!

Make sure to add the book to your “to-read” list on Goodreads:

5 thoughts on ““Lucas” Cover Release by Jay McLean- A Preston Brothers Novella”

    1. Well, technically this is a different series that she wrote, but it does follow up the original stories from the “More Than” Series. 😉


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